1. This prescription policy shall form part of and be subject to the general terms and conditions (“Terms”) governing your use and access of www.goobat.care (the “website”).
  2. WEBSITE PROVIDER Goobat is a platform operator and facilitates the virtual consultation between you and the registered medical practitioners on the website as well as the dispensation of drugs to you. Nothing on the website shall be construed that Goobat dictates the medical professionals’ practice of medicine, delivery of patient care or independent judgment in the practice of medicine. We shall not be liable for any deficiencies including but not limited to misconduct, injury caused or lack of knowledge by the medical professional.
  3. AVAILABILITY The website lists a wide range of products, drugs and medication available for purchase and they may be generally categorised as follows:
  4. PRESCRIPTIONS In the event that you do not have a valid prescription for drugs/medicines, Goobat may connect you to a medical practitioner through the website for a virtual consultation (mainly via text or video or both) after which the medical practitioner will then proceed to issue a prescription to you. Notwithstanding the preceding, the registered medical practitioners operate independently and have full discretion to refuse in issuing a prescription to you if they believe it could negatively affect you or if they believe you are abusing the website. You understand that the website does not sell prescriptions per se and any payments made to the website for a virtual consultation does not guarantee that the medical practitioner will issue a prescription to you. Accordingly, you will not be refunded for any payments made for virtual consultations.
  5. VALIDITY The medical practitioners on the website may fix a prescription validity period after which the initial prescription shall expire and you are required to obtain a new prescription. We may, in our sole discretion, accept or refuse prescriptions that you obtain outside the website and in the event you upload such a prescription on the website, you authorise us to perform all necessary checks including contacting the prescriber to ensure the validity of the prescription.
  6. PHARMACY All drugs/medication are dispensed under the website through our partner pharmacies who hold the required licences to dispense the medication to you, subject to you having the necessary prescription in the event that such drugs/medication to be dispensed requires a prescription from a medical practitioner. Notwithstanding that you are in possession of a prescription, the pharmacy may refuse to dispense any drugs/medication to you in their sole and absolute discretion. If any payment has been made by you for the purchase of drugs/medication to which our partner pharmacy has refused to dispense, we will process the necessary refund to you as soon as reasonably practical.



  1. CONSENT If you decide to proceed with a virtual consultation or any form of telemedicine (as defined under the Telemedicine Act 1997) through the website, such act shall be deemed to be your provision of a written consent to the medical practitioner to practise virtual consultation in relation to you. You are free to withdraw your consent at any time and this will not affect your right to future care or treatment. However, you are deemed to have provided your written consent if you proceed with the use of the website and/or participate in any form of virtual consultation on the website in the future.
  2. CONFIDENTIALITY Goobat, the medical practitioners and other health professionals shall maintain confidentiality on your personal health/mental condition which are customarily provided to patients in brick-and-mortar settings. Any image or information communicated or used during or resulting from telemedicine interaction which can be identified as being that of or about you will not be disseminated to any researcher or any other person without your consent.
  3. METHOD Telemedicine (including virtual consultation) is the practice of medicine using audio, visual and data communications.
  4. BENEFITS The benefits of telemedicine include less waiting time and cost savings for you, improvement of your access to care if it is impractical for you to be physically present at a healthcare facility, the ability to access healthcare in the comfort and privacy of your own home/chosen location as well as lowering the risk of you spreading/contracting sickness at physical healthcare locations.
  5. DISADVANTAGES Telemedicine may not suit every person or situation. Your insurance coverage may not cover the costs of virtual consultation, your personal data is stored in computers and there is always an inherent risk of hackers and other criminals gaining unauthorised access to such data and whenever emergency care is needed, telemedicine may not provide lifesaving treatment/care. Whenever there is a medical emergency, we recommend that you seek immediate treatment from your physician or go to the nearest healthcare facility urgently.
  6. INTERNET ACCESS If you do not have access to a stable internet connection, certain information (such as images) may not be properly transmitted to the medical practitioner on the website and as such the medical practitioner may not be able to make an informed healthcare decision.
  7. OTHER INTERACTION All other information provided to you in the website including responses to your queries through our chat prior to the virtual consultation with the medical practitioner do not constitute medical advice and Goobat accepts no liability for reliance thereof.