Hospitech Suction Catherer Size 14Fg

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Set Up:

- Attach the three-way connectors to the Endotracheal tubing and the other one to vacuum tubing.
- Attach the date sticker to suction control valve.
- Take off the lateral cap of the three-way adaptor and attach it to the ventilator tube.

The Suction Procedure:
- Grip three-way adaptor with one hand. Insert catheter down into Endotracheal tube with thumb and forefinger of another hand, and 10 seconds is preferred for each suction operation.
- After the catheter is inserted to the desired depth, depress the control valve simultaneously to apply suction.
- Inject some diluted water/0.9% saline solution through irrigation port to release the convulsion of the patient.
- After suction, withdraw the catheter gently until the protective sleeve is straight.
- Depress the control valve to flush the catheter by saline solution/distilled water for the next use.

- Do not use more than 24 hours.
- Stick the date sticker to identify the change date.
- Please replace to new catheter if the protective sleeve is damaged.

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