Goobat Kawan FAQ 

Q1. How Do I Know What To Write In 'Your Referral' ?

A1. Write The Referrer Code And Name (Gk00001 Sharon Law) - It Will Be Auto Filled In The App

Q2. If Kawan Find Customer, Customer Only Buy Ala Carte But No Subscription Made, Can I Get Commision?

A2. Yes, however, customer will still need to go through the Quote Now for recording purpose. 

Q3. Is The Quote Being Kept A Record Even If The Quote Isnt Being Used (Did Not Subscribe)?

A3. Yes, All Quotation Record Will Be Kept In Our Database For Future Reference.

Q4. Are There Any Items That Cannot Be Subscribed?

A4. Everything That You See In Our Store/Website Can Be Subscribed As Long As It Make Sense And Abiding All Laws, Rules And Regulations.

Q5. Are There Any Medications That Cannot Be Subscribed?

A5. Psychotic And Cancer Drugs Cannot Be Subscribed Due To Short Dosage.

Q6. When Will I Be Able To Cash Out My Rewards?

A6. Rewards Will Be Paid Out Every Month End

Q7. What Can I Change For My Medipoints?

A7. All Mechandizes Announced By The Company Can Be Redeemed.

Q8. Will My Medipoints Expire?

A8. No. However, Goobat Serves The Rights To Change The Policy From Time To Time.

Q9. Will I Be Able To Pass Down My Reward Earnings To My Child/Spouse Once I Pass Away?

A9. Yes, This Is One Of The Main Benefits For Legacy Protection That Goobat Kawan Programme Provide. Goobat Kawan Does Not Want Your Hardwork To Go To Waste

Q10. What Happens If I Do Not Have A Prescription?

A10. If You Do Not Have A Prescription, We Will Refer You To Our Panel Doctor. The Panel Doctor Will Contact You For Your Details.

Q11. Can I Subscribe Household Items?

A11. Yes, Any Item In Store Can Be Subscribed.

Q12. Is There A Return Policy?

A12. Yes, Please Do Check Out Our Websites Return Policy For More Details.

Q13. What Do I Do If I Did Not Receive My Order?

A13. Please Contact Our Goobat Kawan Customer Support, Karen For The Delivery Status.

Q14. Can I Make Changes To The Order That Has Been Made?

A14. Yes, You Can Reset Your Subscription 7 days Before The Subscription

Q15. Can I Switch My Shipping Interval?

A15. Yes, You May Switch Your Shipping Time Interval By Contacting Kawan Customer Support, Karen.

Q16. How Much Is Shipping?

A16. Shipping Fee Is Free Of Charge

Q17. How To Contact Customer Support?

A17. Click On The Top Right Of The Application To Contact Customer Support. Karen Will Attend To You Shortly

Q18. Where Can I Go If I Would Like To Speak To A Pharmacist As A Kawan?

A18. On The Top Right Of The App (2Nd Icon On The Right), You Would See The Chat With Pharmacist Function. For Your Customer, You Are Advised To Assist Your Customer To Chat With The Pharmacist.

Q19. How Do I Unsubscribe From Goobatkawan?

A19. Please Contact Goobat'S Customer Support Or Inform Your Kawan To Cancel Any Remaining Subscriptions 7 Days Before The Next Shipment Arrives.

Q20. When Will My Payment Method Be Charged?

A20. Payment Will Be Charged According To Order Day Of The Sequent Order'S Month Per Quotation

Q21. How Do I Get Started?

A21. You Will Be Given An Orientation Programme At The Start, Or You Can Always Talk To Your Referee, Or Talk To Us.

Q22. How Legit Are You Guys?

A22. We Are A Licensed Pharmacy Approved By The Ministry Of Health (MOH) Malaysia. Every Products Sold By Us Are Approved By The MOH. We Also Have Licensed Pharmacist Working Together With Us.

Q23. Would I Be Able To Track My Delivery?

A23. You Can Trace Your Parcel Status Under The "Order" Tab After You Have Logged In.

Q24. What If My Parcel/Item Damaged?

A24. Please Welcome To Call Karen.

Q25. For What Reason Did I Just Get Part Of My Request?

A25. It Is Our Commitment To Make Sure Every Items Will Be Available And Be Shipped On Time, Except For Unforeseen Circumstances From The Source Of Supply.

Q26. Am I Able To Use My Companies Insurance Card To Pay For Meds?

A26. Yes Only If Your Company Accepts Any Official Receipts From A Pharmacy

Q27. How Can I Pay For My Subscription?

A27. Credit Card Or Debit Card 

Q28. Do You Have A Catalog ?

A28. Please Browse Through To Our Website For More Items Available

Q29. Do You Accept International Credit Card?

A29. Yes We Do As Long As They Are Through Visa And Master Card.

Q30. What Type Of Payment Method Can Be Used?

A30. Credit Card Or Debit Card

Q31. Is There Age Limit To Become A Kawan?

A31. 18 Years Old & Above

Q32. Who Can Become A Kawan?

A32. Anyone And Everyone Above 18 Years Old

Q33. Are There Any Delivery Fees Every Month ?

A33. There Are No Delivery Charges

Q34. How Long Must Subscriber Subscribe To The Products ?

A34. There Are No Period Limitations To Subscribe Products. Anytime Can Add On Or Unsubscribe.

Q35. How Frequent Will Goobat Kawan Get Paid ?

A35. Kawan Will Receive Their Rewards Monthly

Q36. Is There A Limit Of Rewards Per Goobat Kawan ?

A36. No, The Sky Is The Limit As The Rewards Is Based On How Hard You Work.

Q37. Can I Subscribe To All Products In Goobat ?

A37. Yes. You Can Subscribe Anything Available In Goobat

Q38. What Is Goobat Kawan ?

A38. Goobat Kawan, A Division Of Goobat Sdn Bhd, Aims To Help All Our Beloved Customers To Save More And Earn From Their Healthcare Bill By Providing Easy Accessibility To Healthcare Support, Affordable & Authentic Healthcare Products.

Q39. What Happens To The Rewards If Subscriber Unsubscribe ?

A39. Kawan's Rewards For That Particular Subscriber Will End.

Q40. Do I Have To Subscribe To Be A Kawan?

A40. No, You Would Only Need To Pay An Upfront Of RM100 To Get The License Fee To Be A Kawan, But We Recommend Kawan To Subscribe To Have A Better Understanding Of Our Flow As It Would Be Easier For Them To Introduce This System To Others.

Q41. How Much Does It Cost To Be Started As A Kawan?

A41. To Be A Kawan, You Would Only Need To Pay RM100 To Get Started.

Q42. How Do I Start Earning Referral Bonus?

A42. To Start Earning Referral Bonus, You Would Need First Study The Booklet That Would Be Provided And Complete The Questionaire Given.

Q43. How Much Referral Bonus Can I Earn Per Referral?

A43. Please Refer To Karen.

Q44. Is There A Cap On How Many Referral I Can Bring?

A44. No, There Is No Cap On How Many Referral One Can Refer. 

Q45. How Long Would The Lead Time Be To Get A Quotation?

A45. The Lead Time To Get A Quotation Would Be During Business Hours (2 Hours) And During Sat,Sun & Ph (12 Hours)

Q46. People Do Not Trust The Legitimacy Of Goobat, How Can We Prove The Legitimacy?

A46. Do Check Out Our Website For More Information, Or They Can Check Out Our Retail Store In Taman Megah, We Are Pleased To Answer Any Questions That They Have

Q47. What Is Chat With Pharmacist Function?

A47. This Is A Function That We Introduce To Help Out Customers In Knowing & Understanding More About Their Own Personal Healthcare Wellbeing

Q48. If Customer Stops Subscription After Just 1 Month Will Goobat Kawan Partner Still Get Rewards ?

A48. Kawan Would Only Receive The Rewards For The Month Their Customer Paid. Meaning They Would Only Get Paid For 1 Month Worth Of Rewards

Q49. Can I Contact The Pharmacist In Other Language?

A49. Yes, Our Pharmacist Is Well-Versed In Chinese, English And Malay.

Q50. How Do I Change My Credit Card Details?

A50. Call Karen To Fill Up A Form

Q51. What Does It Mean By Legacy Protection?

A51. Legacy Protection Means That In The Event Of Kawan Being Deceased, Their Beneficiary Would Inherit The Ongoing Commissions That Is Made By The Kawan.

Q52. How Do I Change My Shipping Details?

A52. Contact Customer Support Karen And We Will Provide You A Form To Fill In Your Shipping Details

Q53. Will There Be A Sales Training As I Am New To Doing Sales?

A53. Yes, We Will Conduct A Monthly Training And For Your First 2 Cases A Senior Kawan Will Attend The Appointment Together With You

Q54. Is There A Sales Quota That Needs To Be Met A Month?

A54. No We Do Not Push For Sales Quota For Kawans. We Want This Program To Help Kawan Earn A Passive Income, The Harder You Work To Get Subscribers/Kawans The More You Will Earn.

Q55. What Is The RM100 License Fee?

A55. This License Fee Includes E-Name Card, Goobat Kawan Training, Online Pharmacy Solutions, Referral Comm, Intensive Sales And Products Training, 7 Days Pharmacist Support, Exclusive Goobat Kawan Merch, 3000Sqft Showroom Support, Nationwide Marketing Support, And Legacy Protection

Q56. Supplements That Are Not In Store, Would You Guys Procure It?

A56. Yes, We Will Definitely Procure, Except Products That Is Disapproved Under The Pharmaceutical Act In Malaysia Such As Unregistered Products And Product That Is Attached To A Direct Selling Company.

Q57. Can Subscribers Use The App Too?

A57. No, The App Is Only For Kawan's Usage. It Is A Tool To Help Kawan Introduce Our Program To Others

Q58. I Do Not Know How Much Dosage Of Supplements Should I Take

A58. Use Our Chat With Pharmacist Function And Let Our Pharmacist Guide You On What Supplements You Should Take And What Are The Recommended Dosage You Should Take

Q59. Can I Transfer My Rewards To Another Goobat Kawan Partner ?

A59. No.

Q60. What Is The Quote Now Form For?

A60. The Quote Now Form Is Basically A Quotation That You Are Able To Request For Any Products You Are Looking For/Currently Using Except Products That Are Disapproved Under The Pharmaceutical Act In Malaysia Such As Unregistered Products And Product That Is Attached To A Direct Selling Company

Q61. How To Confirm A Quote

A61. Confirmation Of Quote Will Be Done Via Whatsapp With A Reply On "Yes To Quotation Number GK-QXXXXX"

Q62. Can User Subscriber Be A Kawan?

A62. Yes, You Would Just Need To Fill In The Form At And Pay RM100 For The License Fee.

Q63. Do I Get Overriding From The Other Kawan Income If Im The One Who Refer Them Into The Company?

A63. No, Goobat Kawan Is Not A Multilevel Marketing Programme, Hence, There Will Not Be Any Overriding Rewards.

Q64. What Is Medipoints?

A64. Medipoints Are Points That Kawan Will Earn With Every Item That The Subscribers Subcribes. Medipoints Are Redeemable For Amazing Prizes.

Q65. Is There A Place To See Ur Catalog?

A65. Yes, Please Take A Look At Our E-Commerce Website Goobat.Care For All Products That We Currently Carry

Q66. How Can I Know Your Shop's Latest Product?

A66. You Can Follow Our Social Media Or Visit Our Website Goobat.Care To Check The Latest Product

Q67. Will Auto Debit Be Auto Debit? Or Before Charge Will Call Us

A67. It Will Be Solely Auto Debit, The Amount Will Automatically Be Deducted From Your Account Monthly

Q68. If My Customer Want To Purchase But Without Subscribing, Do I Get Any Rewards?

A68. Yes, We Have A Selection For One Time Purchase. You Will Still Get Your Rewards And Medipoints.