Worried about nobody home during delivery? Check out Goobat Click & Collect!

Fancy self-collection over delivery? 

Here’s the good news! Partnering together with local pharmacies, we’ve put together flexible self-collection options for you. Goobat Click & Collect offers customers the chance to save on delivery by placing an order online and then dropping by one of our partner pharmacies to self-collect your shopping items. Here are reasons why we have some customers who prefer Goobat Click & Collect over standard delivery: 

a) Reason #1: Savings on delivery costs.
While we don’t markup on deliveries, the option of extra savings is always exciting and interesting, especially when Goobat Click & Collect hubs are either near your office or along the way back home after work. 

b) Reason #2: Seeing is believing. 
There’s always a certain degree of anxiousness when shopping online, especially if it’s your first-time shopping with a new brand or store. With Goobat Click & Collect, not only do you get your products faster than the standard 3-to-5-day delivery times, but also enjoy the convenience and flexibility that comes with it. 

c) Reason #3: Extra Goobat reward points! 
That’s right. Get 20% more GoobatEXP points when you opt for Goobat Click & Collect. With Goobat friendship points, you can convert it into credits or redeem exciting promotional vouchers and promo codes exclusive for all Goobat members. 

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