Who is GoobatMan and Why We Created Our Own Superhero

Meet GoobatMan, probably one of Malaysia’s first online pharmacy superhero who is tasked to safeguard online shoppers from fraudsters and fake products. But wait – more importantly, how does he help online shoppers? Here are the top 5 responsibilities of GoobatMan.

Mission #1: Protect the Goobat citizens from harmful and fake health products. Given the increase in the number of harmful health products making rounds on the internet with unverified claims of miraculous healing and cleansing attributes, GoobatMan is here to ensure that all products sold on Goobat are sourced from certified, credible and trusted suppliers.

Mission #2: Create awareness on the importance of mental and physical health. Work pressure and poor health are significant contributors of stress and hypertension among people today. GoobatMan believes that positivity comes from a holistic balance of both good mental and physical health. There’s a saying that goes work hard play hard, but don’t forget to eat and sleep well too!

Mission #3: Drive support and awareness for charitable causes around Malaysia. Coming from humble beginnings, GoobatMan believes in giving back to society through charity and education. GoobatMan is a huge advocate for cyber wellness and is an active participant and contributor to (ABC organization) through their cyber wellness education program, helping the next generation develop good cyber habits. Get exclusive Goobat perks when you contribute to some of our panel organizations.

Mission #4: Support esports player and gamers, promoting healthy gaming habits. GoobatMan believes in unity through esports, that each platform is unique to one another regardless of PC, console or mobile gaming and for all players to respect one another. With this, GoobatMan is happy to extend an exclusive, gamer centric, members only privilege called GooEXP to give discounts, promotions and goodies to all members who shop on our store. Sign up for the free membership here.

Mission #5: Giving options to different budgets, preferences and desires. When GoobatMan was born, he needed milk but as he grew up, solid food was a necessity. Similar to personal healthcare and wellbeing, different people are at different stages of life and have particular needs. Whether in making affordable or preferential choices, GoobatMan believes that each human deserves access to quality and affordable healthcare.


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